Problems with air-con? Not cold? Water leaking? Air-conditioner not improved after service?
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It just makes sense. Regular service and maintenance on your air-conditioning keeps it running longer and at peak efficiency. Your air-conditioning system is a major investment, and it works hard all the time. Without regular maintenance, you cannot expect your equipment to give you good, reliable service or efficiency.

Wall Mounted Type


Indoor wall-mounted type air-con service for more than six months can also accumulate dirt and bacterial which prevent circulation of cold air. Thus the air is not fresh, water leaking & electricity-usage is increase.

Our technician use special chemical cleaning process for this wall mounted unit.
With regular servicing, all air-con units are assured of satisfactory result.

Condenser Unit
  The condenser has been satisfactorily treated with chemical thus reducing pressure on the condenser resulting in long life span of unit

Window Type

Ceiling Cassette